7 Apr 2008

Kerberos authentication in Java

Have you used Kerberos authentication in Java using JGSS? The GSSContext interface defines the two methods initSecContext() and acceptSecContext() for an initiator and acceptor of a Kerberos authentication request. JGSS is configured in a file typically called jaas.conf, where you specify the Kerberos keytab files, Kerberos principal name and other properties that configure the authentication process.

According to the Kerberos authentication algorithm, only the initiator (or client) needs to contact the Kerberos authentication server, asking for a service ticket. The service ticket is later passed on to the server that the client wants to authenticate against and it contains all the information that the server (or acceptor) requires for authenticating the client. That implies the server does not need to communicate with the Kerberos authentication server when authenticating a client, as it is emphasized in pretty much every description of the Kerberos protocol.

Still when using JGSS you might have noticed that your service does contact the Kerberos authentication server as part of the authentication process. The server will request a ticket granting ticket from the KDC even though this is not needed. This behavior has caused me some headaches in the past as I did not understand why the server would need to contact the KDC.

There is a not very much documented property in jaas.conf that will solve this issue. If in your com.sun.security.jgss.accept stanza of jaas.conf you specify isInitiator=false, then the server will not request a TGT. Officially this property is only supported from Java SE 6 b89 onwards, however I verified that the later patches of Java 5 also include it.
So when setting up jaas.conf, I recommend adding isInitiator=false to the configuration of the acceptor.

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The Java Monkey said...

Cool blog - I've been struggling with Kerberos/JGSS at work for a while - I'd love to read any other blogs on this topic. I started my own blog up on this topic too - Kerberos /GSS Hello World.