7 Dec 2010

Rebooting ...

This blog is finally going to be revitalized!

After an entire year I am finally back to work on Open Source again. In November this year I have joined a company called FuseSource as a Senior Engineer and am really excited about the new role!
FuseSource is owned by Progress Software and offers enterprise subscriptions for the Apache Open Source products ActiveMQ, ServiceMix, Camel and CXF. Wanna know what an enterprise subscription consists of? Check it out here. At FuseSource we certify, package and distribute the above Apache projects, backed by enterprise-class professional services to support all phases of development and deployment of these products. A large community has grown fairly quickly around our offerings.

If you're using any of the above products and their uptime and availability becomes an important factor in your business, you then might want to consider getting professional support.
Besides, come along and join our fast growing community!

So watch out for more technical postings on this blog coming up soon…

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